According to the Irish Times today – 16/5/2011 – “Irish shoppers spend €3bn online”. This is NOT a market to ignore? Is adding an online shopping facility to your site a no brainer at this stage?

This figure of €3 Billion spent online by Irish Shoppers came from a report by VISA CREDIT.

“A total of €2.96 billion was spent at ecommerce sites, according to estimates from Visa Europe.

That’s an increase of 39 per cent compared to 2009, the research found. According to the study, the average shopper spent €1,550 online last year, higher than €1,450 recorded in the previous year, but still below the average of €1,700 spent in 2008.” ( Quote courtesy IRISH TIMES – 16 May 2011 )

Adding a shop to your website is now essential in order to tap into a market of this size.

With any Ecommerce / Online Shop solution –

– you get an online store where YOU can update / add your products at will. Do stock control, special offers.

– YOU do not have to hold the Credit Card numbers by using a common pay service such as PAYPAL.

– An Online Shop / Ecommerce solution can be integrated into your OFFLINE ACCOUNTS if required.

– An Online Shop / Ecommerce solution is flexible, scalable into the future as your business grows.

– You control the merchandising & promotions.

– An Online Shop is open 24 hours, 365 days – all year long.

NETACTIVE SOLUTIONS can provide your company with an Online Store / Ecommerce solution. Please call us for details.